Bored too tears

:'( Booo Hooo HOOOOOOO

Bored stupid!
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Bored? So are we! This is pretty much a free for all community. Feel free to start flame wars, rant, rave, post pictures, funny stories, make fun of stupid Ljers, almost anything and everything will fly here.

A few Simple guidelines before we get started:
1| Keep promotions to a minimum. Yes, they are allowed, but do not abuse this or I will forbid them all together. Repeat offenders will be banned.
2| Anything that will rape a friends page will be behind an <lj-cut> or deleted. No exceptions.
3| Do not violate the LiveJournal TOS in anyway.

I am in no way responsible for any content of this community. All Materials are the responsibility of the poster. If I deem something as inappropriate (which I doubt will happen) I will remove it.

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